I’m a disciplined artist, passionate about painting. I’m fascinated with subtle shifts in color and luminosity, and explore that by working primarily in oils and pastels, but am also adept at acrylics and watercolor. I’m open to discovering and mastering new techniques. I adore painting immense flower portraits, patchwork landscapes, sinuous streams and glowing skies, yet I often venture into unexpected subject matter, undaunted.

I'm fortunate to have the ability and the passion to paint every day. Daily painting hones my skills as an artist, quiets the ruckus in my creative soul and is beginning to generate a following of lookers and customers, alike. I paint primarily in oil, but will satisfy longings with acrylic and my first love, watercolor. I do small paintings in order to keep up with daily posting, but nearly always have a large piece on the easel, as well. 





405 Hazelwood Terrace

Buffalo Grove, Illinois USA



Red Queen Gallery, Onancock, Virginia

Spa Fine Art, Saratoga Springs, New York