14" x 11"
Acrylic on wrapped canvas
I traveled during my absence, but by way of fever and illness, not to any place that involved reservations, tickets or my camera. Bronchitis caught me at the tail end of a cold and whipped my proverbial derriere.  This scene is reminiscent of where my fever took me while I lolled with bonbons and peeled grapes.   

Golden brand fluid acrylics, molding paste, and about half a dozen layers turned a lifeless grey canvas into something short of walking on its own.  I painted her to fit into a frame that is a weathered deep red, like the uppermost left hand corner of this piece. I wrestled and fastened her into the frame, where she's content for the time being. I hope to paint more like this one. The process was about as lively as the outcome! 


Autumnal Splendor

"Autumnal Splendor"
9" x 12"
Pastel on canvas panel 
This is another image of when the light was magical at the Garden. It was in a similar spot to the painting from yesterday. I'm so happy to have been receptive to the gift of light.  

Our autumn has been colorful, but dampened by many repeated days of gray and overcast. Lots of rain, too.  It's why I'm making such a deal about the light. It was breathtaking.