Celestial Synapses II

"Celestial Synapses II"
12" x 36"
          Oil on museum wrapped canvas
Number five in the series is in complementary colors. I narrowed the field to two colors on this piece, opting to explore how little value change I could get away with before rendering it boring. 

I'm loving this process. It frees me to pull from within, rather than exercise my power of observation. I have two more large canvases to explore, then I'll have to order more and do something smaller in the meantime.



The Maroon Bells

"The Maroon Bells"
16" x 20"
Acrylic on stretched canvas
It was September, the aspens had changed their green coinage for gold.  The sun zapped orange at the tips of The Maroon Bells and the shadows responded appropriately in an array of violets and purple.  

This is a knife painting I cobbled from a stack of autumn photos of The Maroon Bells peaks in Colorado.  It was a larger painting than I'm used to doing with a knife, but enjoyable.


My Gallery

Asian Pear

"Asian Pear"
6" x 6"
Oil on panel
It sat in my kitchen for two weeks, this gift from a customer of my daughter's. It was wrapped in white paper and a meshy-net.  Once again, there was food in the house that mystified us.   

I brought the the mystery fruit to my studio tonight and researched it.  It's an Asian Pear—possibly Korean.  I liked the unblemished skin of one color, top to bottom.  I shone a light on it and painted the direct complement around it, smashed some design into it and then painted the pear.  I'll slice into it tomorrow!

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Tuscan Flower Fields

"Tuscan Flower Fields"
24" x 48"
Acrylic on wrapped canvas
The Tuscan Flower Fields idea came when a young entrepreneur asked me to give an estimate on doing seven huge canvases for his entryway. I did several tiny ones, to scale, and this one; still smaller than any of the sizes he requested. Color was what he wanted. This is what I showed him.  

I rolled black gesso on the canvas then set about to make it a thing of beauty.  I loved knifing the colorful acrylic paint, letting it dry and adding more and more in textured layers.  I've never been to see the flower fields of Europe, but this is how I imagine they'd look.

This painting is listed with, and for sale through a Daily Paintworks Auction.

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Lady Hibiscus

12" x 12"
Oil on gessoed panel

She wore a pleated white skirt, cinched with a scarlet sash around her slender waist. An audience watched, green with envy, as Lady Hybiscus twirled her skirts in the breeze. 

Complements again. I've discovered this about myself; I seem to find the most comfort in painting with a complementary palette.  Nature provides a lot of opportunities to derive that kind of comfort.

This painting is listed with, and for sale through Dailypaintworks.com

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Hobnail Peek-a-boo

"Hobnail Peek-a-boo"
20" x 16"
Oil on wrapped canvas

When my mother's old hobnail fan vase toppled, cherries rolled all over my setup.  I did a quick glance for damage control and noticed, probably, the culprit hiding behind the foot of the small vase.  His contorted grimace of guilt gave him away.  You can roll, but you can't hide! 

I enjoyed working with the red-orange and and blue-green complements in this painting. The reflections were fun to isolate and place accurately.  In the end, however, I needed some of the red in the opposite corner and placed some decorative brushwork up there. It added a bit of chaotic whimsy to the piece.
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