Fruits of My Spirit

"Fruits of My Spirit"
6" x 6"
Oil on panel
It was March, I had looked forward to it since the night it was announced—a Carol Marine workshop in a town near mine!  I signed up, paid up and showed up.  She was here in Illinois, across the room, arranging her demo items.  Even though I don't normally paint like Carol, I wanted to be in her presence, and in front of her wisdom.  I somehow managed to paint, and more importantly, to learn.

This is a piece I painted in one of her many timed exercises.  It was as important to learn how to do this as it was to hear her critique the others in the room.  Carol lived above every expectation.  Attend if you can.  

This piece is not for sale, but will be exhibited in my gallery on  

Thank you for peeking in today.