Castlewood Canyon Bridge

"Castlewood Canyon Bridge"
12" x 12"
Pastel on canvas panel
You can drive over this part of the canyon under which Cherry Creek trickles.  The snaking ribbon of blue flowing under the starkly contemporary bridge is what attracted me to this scene. And if you know my work at all, architectural elements are seldom included. So this is a unique piece… for me. 

I would have been in this place right about now, but my friend that I visit has come here, instead. I'll go to see her in another season sometime within the coming year.


Castlewood Canyon

"Castlewood Canyon"
12" x 9"
Pastel on black canvas

I wandered around Castlewood Canyon in Colorado to enjoy a completely different kind of landscape from where I live. The rocks were plentiful and large, the trees were not placed in the ground by landscapers. This was nothing like Illinois.  

I managed to make the rocks look solid, so I'm going to try another couple of paintings of the same area.


Castlewood Canyon Again

"Castlewood Canyon Again"
6" x 6"
Oil on canvas panel
In the part of the country where my friend lives, even her dead vegetation is so much prettier to look at than where I live in Illinois. Hers turns many shades of copper and gold.  Mine turn the color of tin, galvanized aluminum and lead. 

So be it.  I'm here, my studio is tailor made for me, and the promise of spring is purring from the throats of the sandhill cranes overhead.

Thank you for making the trip.
My DPW Gallery

Castlewood Canyon Rocks

"Castlewood Canyon Rocks"
7" x 5"
Oil on wrapped canvas

Last fall while I was in Colorado, I made a trip with my friends to Castlewood Canyon.  Not far from where we were staying, this place just appears out of nowhere, mystifies its visitors, then turns back into prairie again.  I suppose canyons are like that. 

This small piece, rectangular for a change, is the first in a little series I'll be posting on Colorado memories.  I'm gearing up to paint a few new serious florals and still life pieces, and landscapes of places I adore are my warmup exercises.  And this is my first experience with Paynes Gray in oil.  I mixed it in conjunction with Gray of Gray.  I happen to like it.

Thank you for hiking here today.
My DPW Gallery