Losing My Marbles

"Losing My Marbles"
Oil on panel
16" x 16"

It seems appropriate that my first blog post is titled "Losing My Marbles."  I must be out of my mind to commit to another responsibility.  Yet I write and paint every day, so I may as well combine the effort and go public.  I plan to enjoy it, I hope you will, too.

I photographed this tea cup with a some hand blown marbles tumbling out of it a year ago.  Meanwhile, it's been sitting in queue waiting to be painted.  There was so much glazing in this piece that it took longer to paint than I anticipated.  I use water soluble oils, with no medium, so drying time is a bit faster than with traditional oils, and I can glaze over particular areas with sheer layers of color to add depth and color.  That's a technique borne of my watercolor background.  The translucency of the tea cup in shadow shows the exterior design of the bone china cup.

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