Rose #6

"Rose # 6"
Oil on wrapped canvas
20" x  20"
The photo for the painting of the rose above was shot at the Chicago Botanic Gardens in Glencoe, a year ago.  It was evening, before a concert on the Esplanade.  The music was as lively as the flounce of her petticoats.  Even with another 154 luscious images in my camera, I knew I would commit her to canvas within a year. 

I first establish my darks, usually around the perimeter, and swirl them with a piece of sponge, (see yesterday's post) mixing a cool green with the warm red I'll use in the center of the rose. I pay attention to the values in the photo on my digital screen, but ignore most of that detail. I'm merely creating a soft foil to tuck behind the main player. 

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