At Sondra's

"At Sondra's"
Watercolor on paper
30" x 22" 
I had been painting for about twenty years, before I took my first watercolor class.  It happened to be a workshop with my idol, Sondra Freckelton.  I spent a week with Sondra and her husband, Jack Beal at their upstate New York home.  It was one of the highlights of my life.  I painted this piece during that week.  I had collected the marbles in Corning, New York on the way there.

As Robert Genn recently wrote: "The best workshops are conducted by practicing pros who feel the need to share.  Often humbled by the demands and foibles of creativity themselves, these pros can offer sincere student-hood and practical, insider understanding."  I couldn't agree more.

Carol Marine had a similar impact on my life as an artist during a three-day workshop last March.  Spend time with the best, it will pay off. 

This painting is not for sale. But thank you for stopping by to see what I've been doing.  

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