Devil's Thumb Ranch

"Devil's Thumb Ranch"
"12 x 12"
Oil on wrapped canvas
Sky reflections sparkled in the grass as I crossed a tiny bridge on the property of Devil's Thumb Ranch at the Continental Divide in Colorado. I stopped to document the rapidly changing light as the sun dropped behind me. It wasn't much as waterways go, but as a serpentine mirror, it was fab. 

Yes, I paint landscapes.  My first watercolor paintings were rural house portraits for realtors to give as closing gifts. I was kept busy enough back in the seventies to learn to use the medium. That led to teaching watercolor twice a week for ten years.  After that I branched off into acrylics when I was asked to paint a mural. That started a fifteen year career of standing on ladders and scaffolding!  I've only recently begun to paint in this fabulous medium of oils.

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