Fire in Malibu

"Fire in Malibu"
12" x  14"
Acrylic, torn paper on PVC 
This piece came from a place of turmoil in my family's life.  A green-eyed monster with a fire in his belly was devouring our very souls. His wrath torched all that was good and sent it simultaneously up in smoke and down the toilet with an agility only a demon could muster. 

I began this painting without a path, without knowing what would come of the tissue paper and paint.  But as I glued and dropped color onto the ground, It came to life.  I fanned the flames and let 'er rip.  We have risen from the ashes in many ways and find ourselves in a much better place.

This painting is not currently for sale, but it may be at another time.  However, it will be posted on DailyPaintworks. com and in my gallery there.  If you are interested, you may contact me.

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