Winged Frog

"Winged Frog"
8" x 8"
Oil on canvas pane
To the right of the hobnail vase sits a winged pewter frog holding a glass vial with a daisy in it. He was the add in when I set up this arrangement. I needed something to go in that space that was not to heavy, not too dark, but Baby Bear... "just right." 

I set it up, shone a light on it and did a quick study.  I realized I would never paint it again. I wouldn't want to have to explain the winged frog. He doesn't read well unless you happen to know what he is. I love the colors, so maybe I will paint another, but not with him. 

Mr. Winged Frog will be listed with, and for sale through a DailyPaintworks Auction.

Thank you for stopping by today. Ribbit.