Zinnia Simplica "

"Zinnia Simplica"
8" x 10"
Oil on wrapped canvas 
She was simply the only zinnia left; colorful complementary colors, whorled petals.  She was hidden under a leaf, the last of her kind in the garden next to the building where I meet for painting critiques. 

I tend, as I'm finding out, to paint complementary color schemes more often than not.  They seem to please me. I don't think I seek them, or plan them in advance, but when it comes time to smear paint on something, I'm pretty consistently ending up with two colors across the traditional color wheel from each other.

Simple Zinnia, here is for sale through dailypaintworks.com.  If you click the web address it'll take you to my gallery on that site.  It's kind of fun to see all the paintings from my blog in one neat, tidy spot—with no words!

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