Blue Ice

"Blue Ice"
9" x 15" 
Watercolor on paper

Like flotsam along the bank of a steam, nature has a way of tossing her castoffs in an attractive way.  

This series is done on a 90 pound  French, Cold Press paper.  That means, 100 sheets in a given size weighs 90 pounds.  Watercolor paper comes in 140 pound, 300 and 450 pound weight.  The texture of the cold press hand made paper is slightly bumpy.  Hot press is smooth, like it was pressed by a hot iron.  And then there's rough. 

Do this part of the project on a cookie sheet.  It'll hold the amount of liquid you'll need to be successful.  Thin paper worked nicely with this process. The paper absorbed the water and paint. Moisture didn't just sit on the surface, so it froze all the way through it, too.  To be continued...

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