Here's Looking at You

"Here's Looking at You"
10" x 8"
Oil on canvas panel
It's winter, snow is on the ground, here I am looking to paint this hot image. I shot this in the crystalline confinement of the cactus house at the Chicago Botanic Gardens during the summer.  It was hot in there that day.  Probably not quite as warm today.    

The spines were my concerns as I plotted to paint this image.  I use a flat or a bright to paint everything.  So I trusted that my Rosemary and Company beauties would do the trick for me. I love those brushes.  I've had them since March.  I paint every day and wash them in Murphy's Oil Soap.  The tips are still knife-sharp.  Love 'em! And I managed to paint the spines with them!

Thank you for peeking in today.

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