There Are No Minor Miracles

"There Are No Minor Miracles"
detail of original
8" x 12"
Oil on canvas panel

When for whatever reason success seems unlikely, we occasionally witness a miracle nevertheless. I referred to my most recent one as a minor miracle, but was corrected. "There is no such thing as a minor miracle. A miracle is a ... miracle."  I have to agree. To assign degrees to miracles is wrong.  I'm thankful and thrilled to have been a part of a lovely ... miracle! 

You are seeing only part of today's painting. The photo, when scaled to the same size I've used for nearly three hundred posts had such a moire pattern across it, that it looked like I pained on burlap. The original is horizontal and there is more image to the right.  I'll scan it instead, when the paint is dry, and post it again.  

Thank you for contributing to my joy by looking at my art.