Bee's Delight (contest/giveaway)

"Bee's Delight"
Oil on wrapped canvas
By now you know I love to paint roses. This one in particular.  I've painted her before, in different light and colors.  Indulge me in my weakness for this beauty.   

On July 17th, a year ago I wrote my first blog entry. I set out on a journey to post every day, despite my day job, death, the flu, and heartache.  I've grown as an artist, a writer and person, and you, my followers, are the reason I persist.

I want to thank you by creating an opportunity for you to win one of my last four rose paintings posted on July 5, 6, 7 & 8 (above).

Send one entry per email address to guessing the high and low temperatures for Tuesday, July 17, 2012 for Chicago, Illinois, according to the National Weather Service NOAA website.

Entries must be posted between July 8th and July 16th. I will acknowledge every entry with a return email.  The winner (closest to both temperatures) will be chosen after 8:00 PM on the 17th when the official temperatures are posted. I will announce the winner on the 18th.  In the event of multiple winners, we'll spit watermelon seeds in my back yard!

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