Wire Gate

"Wire Gate"
24" x 36"
Oil on wrapped canvas
I pass by several interesting fences in my weekly circuit of destinations.  This is one of them, or at least it was one before the gate and its flanking companions, vanished. I suspect someone stole the gate, then there was no reason to keep the fence. I'm fortunate to have photographed her a couple of years ago.  

This is a large, labor of love. When I painted it on a six inch panel, it was more work than I thought, but this rendition proved to be even more difficult, what with all the twisted wire and every blade of grass.  I loved, however, painting the wood!  It took me back to my roots as a barn painter — a painter of barns, that is. Barns and the surrounding landscapes were my specialty when I was exclusively a watercolorist. Then, I painted every weathered piece of wood I could find. Painting this fence was a joyful return to a former passion.

Right after I finished writing this blog I read (the late) Robert Genn's twice weekly letter.  Robert has always inspired me, but tonight I feel compelled to pass on a quote in his letter. It confirms the reason I paint the things I do.  "The creative mind plays with the objects it loves." (Carl Gustav Jung)