Serengeti Sunset

"Serengeti Sunset" 1 of 3
4" x 4"
Oil on wrapped canvas
This is a prototype of the left hand panel of a triptych commissioned by a Wisconsin client, from his African safari photos. The final piece will be to this scale, but instead of four inches, it will be 24".  The center is a rectangle, and another square will be on the right hand side. 

I delivered the triptych prototype in person last week while I was in Wisconsin taking a workshop with my friend Patricia Hamm.  I have been gone for nine days, doing so many fun and art-related things.

But my trip ended on a harrowing note. I was in a car accident right ON the Wisconsin/Illinois border. A large metal object fell from the bed of a semi. The car in front of me hit it and it ruptured the oil reservoir, which sprayed all over my windshield as broken chunks of the metal object bounced all over the interstate highway.  I hit a bouncing chunk and it punctured something under my car.  Both the Illinois and Wisconsin police were called to the incident site. Both of our cars were not drivable. Mine got towed to Rockford, where I had to rent a car to drive the last hour and a half home. I'm home now, and unharmed. Yet it was WAY too much like the head-on collision I was in 19 years ago this month, when a car hit a curb and launched itself into the air and hit me. My painting hand was broken, my femur, hip and toes were, too. I didn't walk for a very long time. Didn't drive for 15 months.

I consider myself a lucky, lucky woman.  That metal chunk could have gone through my windshield and this blog entry would have read very differently.

Love to you, my dear followers,