The Lieutenant River

"The Lieutenant River"
14" x 11"
Pastel on canvas panel
I was in Old Lyme, Connecticut a few years ago and again before that. This is the Lieutenant River  in the back yard of the Florence Griswold House and Museum where the American Impressionists painted at the same time the movement was in progress in Europe. Many artists summered in the comfort in her large home. They painted during the day and chatted and played games in candlelight after dark.  I've spent hours in this place, channeling the energy of our country's Impressionists who created in this place 110 years ago.

I've painted this before, but not quite like this. I'm pleased with how it turned out.


Lieutenant River Fence

"Lieutenant River Fence"
6" x 6"
Oil on canvas panel
On the east bank of the Lieutenant River, just south of Florence Griswold's home in Old Lyme, Connecticut was this split rail fence.  It marked some border before the American Impressionist Museum was erected.  It is gone now, but it was a part of my experience on the hallowed ground of where my beloved Impressionist predecessors painted.  

I took this photo in 1997.  It seemed like a "pretty scene." From that moment on I became educated on the historic significance of that yard.  So many of our country's Impressionists gathered there because the light was similar to what they had seen while painting with Monet in France.  A little piece of heaven...

Thank you for wandering into my world today. I love that you come here to look.
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Lieutenant River

"Lieutenant River"
16" x 20"
Oil on gessoed panel
"We're going to Old Lyme for lunch. You'll like it there.  Artists used to paint there," said my daughter. I was from Illinois, a guest. What did I know about Florence Griswold or the Lieutenant River?  

It was 1997 when Natalie got her Masters in Psychology.  We did lunch in Old Lyme.  I was new to Impressionism, but tumbled hard into an infatuation, then love with what and where the American Impressionists painted. The terrain in Old Lyme was similar to what the European Impressionists were accustomed to painting. Florence had a huge home, a porch, flower gardens and in her back yard was the Lieutenant River.

Today there's a wonderful art museum on the grounds.  The Griswold home is open to the public, as is an art studio once used by William Chadwick.  Tomorrow I'll post a painting I copied from Chadwick called, "On the Piazza" painted in 1908 on the porch at Florence Griswold's home.

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