Fountain Head

"Fountain Head"
20" x 10"
Oil on panel
I had walked past him a couple dozen times the first year we were members of the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  He spewed, nonstop into a bowl in the English Walled Garden.  But don't go looking for him in these colors, or any others, for that matter.  He's as neutral as any public fountain and colorful in form only, being cast in concrete.  

I had no idea how to go about painting the spitting head that I had photographed on numerous occasions.   So I did it sideways—spitting to the right. I assigned color to the shadows and painted him simply as shapes.  I was surprised to see how accurate he appeared when I turned him the correct direction when I considered him finished. 

Fountain Head is listed with, and for purchase through a Dailypaintworks Auction.  He can be seen in my gallery on that site by clicking the link in this paragraph.  And today marks 100 paintings listed in my gallery on this site!

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