Chicken Cottage

"Chicken Cottage"
8" x 10"
Oil on canvas board
Back to Ginger Blossom's and the little chicken cottage… um, well, not THAT little. The chicken sculpture is taller than I am, so the cottage is not dollhouse size.  This cottage housed a gazillion table cloths, imported from all over the world. They made the inside as colorful as the outside of this former outbuilding at her farm.


At Ginger Blossom's

"At Ginger Blossom's"
6" x 6"
 Oil on canvas panel 
I painted today at Ginger Blossom's farm and artifact establishment. This monolith is a part of the complex of buildings, sculpture, furniture and folk art.  Oh, my, what beauteous things there were.  The day was heavenly, the company terrific and so was the scenery.

Today was my first plein air painting day of the season.


Ginger Blossom's

"Ginger Blossom's"
8" x 10"
Oil on hardboard
There was so much more to see at Ginger Blossom's in Richmond, Illinois today, than this cluster of trees surrounding a small out building. So much more. But I was hell bent on applying my newly-learned tree-painting skills, so I faced the opposite direction and painted the mundane, and left the riots of colour for my peers.  

I enjoyed this exercise immensely. The temperature was comfortable, the humidity was low, and even the bugs minded their manners.

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