Roadside Splendor

"Roadside Splendor"
12" x 12"
Oil on wrapped canvas 
I drove through some pretty textured areas of Iowa last summer when I visited friends there. It was the peak season for many of the weeds and some of the crops. I'm glad I shot as many photos as I did. Days like today seem to beg for lots of plant matter. 

Nibs of spring greens are bursting through the soil and bringing me great joy. As I look at my Iowa photos, I think about how I took all that green for granted.


Flooded Field

"Flooded Field"
5" x 7"
Oil on canvas panel
As I drove to my destination in Iowa a month ago, I passed numerous fields that still had standing water after the late June rains. They were impromptu lakes with ragged, dirt beaches.  I enjoyed seeing their reflective bodies, but the farmers probably didn't share my sense of delight. 

Little landscapes are taking the place of small sky paintings as I work on house portraits and a large "Toulouse Your Moose... " painting to be juried into a show in a few weeks.  Enjoy them, there will be more.


Linda's Corner

"Linda's Corner"
8" x 10"
Oil on canvas panel
Haze veiled the distant trees like a chalkboard erased too many times. Verdant with soy and grain too tender to label, the fields stained the rolling hills in front of Linda's place.

They arrived ... my wayward paintings, that were left in Iowa. This is the first painting I did on location in South English with Andrew Orr.  I stood on a hill looking down on this vista behind Andrew, himself.  I'll be painting this scene or ones like it to reinforce his way of painting trees in a landscape.  Did I mention the bugs?

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