If I Had a Muse

"If I Had a Muse"
6" x 6"
Oil on hardboard
If I had a Muse, he'd check in on me every morning, to see if I needed inspiration. He'd arrive with coffee, dressed in beads, chains and dangly things. He'd bestow kindness upon me, read poetry and make me laugh. And when my pump was primed he'd steal away to allow me to create in peace.  Then he'd pop back in at the end of the day to say nice things about my art.   

Sounds like a fantasy doesn't it, but that's what I'd like. Do you think my Muse would agree to the beads and dangly things?

Thank you for peeking in to see what I'm up to.

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At the Heart of the Matter

"At the Heart of the Matter"
6" x 6"
Oil on hardboard
There are nights when everything simply tumbles into place and brushstrokes land where they should. It could have been the passionate music playing over my shoulder, stimulating the emotions. Or perhaps it was the aroma of almond cake baking in the oven. Whatever it was that happened, this pink peony landed on my board with no more effort than it takes to slip into my Birkenstocks.  

I'm toning my canvas consistently every time I paint now.  I never knew the value of it until recently.  Having come from a watercolor background where white is so highly prized, it seemed a shame to obliterate a perfectly good white canvas. My discovery is that it's a lot harder to paint a low key painting on white.  Burnt umber seems to LIKE to be covered in deep, luscious color.  I thank my Muse for tending to me with such loving care.

I appreciate your visits.  Please come often.