Castle Rock-tober

"Castle Rock-tober"
9" x 12"
Acrylic on canvas panel
Some of my favorite images were photographed in October in Colorado a year and a half ago. It had been a wet summer, which made autumn resplendent, even after the aspens had fluttered-away their leaves. The hills around Castle Rock unfurled a tapestry of greens, golds and russets, while the distant hills and sky wove an appropriate border of complementary purples and blues.  

In a week I will be photographing the beauty of New Mexico. Can you sense my excitement?



5" x 7"
Oil on hardboard
Unlikely subject matter — cattle — for a rose painter.  But I enjoyed it. When people see things as they travel, they send me photos.  I like to challenge myself to capture the essence of what was in their hearts as they thought of me. In this one, it was probably the texture and color, so different from that of my zip code. 

Thank you to everyone who sends photos to me. I will eventually use them. I do appreciate your kindness and efforts.


The Peak From Flying Horse

"The Peak From Flying Horse"
6" x 6"
Oil on canvas panel
It was October, the balcony still had tables and chairs, so we requested outdoor seating to overlook this view of Pikes Peak.  I can taste the air, the food, the ambiance of that evening. 

I have friends who take me to places that look like this. How lucky am I? Now imagine what you'd want to eat as you ponder this.  Yup, that's what I had, too!

Thank you for sitting with me today.

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