Peg's Garden Bench

"Peg's Garden Bench"
20" x 16"
Oil on wrapped canvas
Grasshoppers snap from leaf to bloom throughout Peg's garden, where everyone, no matter how many legs, is welcome. Some flutter, some nest, some come to sit and soak up the fragrance.        

Peg's Garden Bench is a tribute to my dear friend's zest for life.  Peg has lovingly tended her front garden in Long Grove, Illinois, not just for her own pleasure, but for those who have purposely taken her road to delight their eyes.  This is a minuscule section of her great talent as a tender-of-flowers.  Thank you Peg.

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Bird Movie

"Bird Movie"
40" x 30"
Acrylic on wrapped canvas
When the small children in my life want time alone with me, we go up and sit on my bed and talk about this painting at the foot of my bed. We make up stories about the birds that live in this house... whose lives, amazingly, seem to run parallel with ours. They named this painting"Bird Movie."

My friend, Peg, has a lovely garden.  One year she placed a chair like this next to her white picket fence covered in morning glories.  She had a plain birdhouse on her chair, but I owned this one, so I adorned her chair with mine. 

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12" x 12"
Oil on wrapped canvas 
There was straw and grass from some other yard, but never eggs in this little house. It sat on a table in my courtyard, inviting and safe, but this house never became a home. 

The actual background was gray siding, so I lowered the overall key of the piece by assigning a darker value to surround the sweet little house. At least the birdhouse looks like some birdie's home.

Birdhouse is listed with, and for sale through a Dailypaintworks Auction. 

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