Winding River

"Winding River"
10" x 20"
Oil on hardboard
I was looking to paint a winding river.  My own photos were not to my liking, so I found a site with winding rivers. I liked the composition and the subject matter of this scene, but I have no idea where it is,  It was listed as a copyright free, photo, so I cropped the parts I liked and had my way with it.

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Serenity Pond II

"Serenity Pond II"
12" x 12"
Oil on wrapped canvas
I revisited this pond today—in paint only. It's quite frozen and gloomy in reality. Every feature that made it worth painting in the first place has died. Replaced by grey sticks, grey sky and grey ice.  No, it's no longer a place of serenity, but dread.  So I cheered myself by deceiving myself into a late summer mindset.  What harm is that?

The first time I painted this, besides using a smaller square format, I used a different palette of colors. It's not better or worse, just different.  I'm tempted now to enlarge it one more time to a 24" x 24" piece and do it in great detail.  I just may do that.

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