Auroral Ribbons

"Auroral Ribbons"
12" x 12"
Oil on wrapped canvas
Ribbons circled the celestial orb in a galactic attempt at gift wrapping her. Moments later something burst — spewing particles into the atmosphere like so much confetti.

This was painted on the same day as the other Auroral piece, using the same palette of colors, but what a different outcome!


Party Peony

"Party Peony"
24" x 36"
Oil on wrapped canvas
She cupped the stamens in the hollow of her bowl, like confetti about to be tossed.

Once the darks were established in the corners, I sponged layer upon layer of color toward the center of this full-blown peony.  I connected the petals without regard to the interior goings on.  Then once the architecture was correct, I began brushing one stroke at a time to create the "celebration."  The addition of Radiant Turquoise on the stamen tips added life to the party.

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