Angel Blueface

"Angel Blueface"
"6" x6"
Acrylic on clay board
As soon as I was ready to shoot this stand of fan coral, an Angel Blueface darted in front of my specimens. Wouldn't you know, a simple project of making marks turned—all about fish! 

Okay, here's the panel I chose to imprint with the mark made by paint squeezed on a wet background and pressed with a firm piece of plastic, then lifted.  I could see through the plastic this time, so I relocated the paint to the height and area I wanted.  It looked like fan coral to me. So I made a miniature under water scene with pearlescent and gold coral.  Then it needed a fish.  I went to the internet and found this guy, then put one more little fan in front of him.  Thus ends this  experiment in making meaningful marks.

Thank you for bearing with me on this excursion.