8" x 20"
Pastel on watercolor board
The peaks in the distance looked like mountains to me, but the locals laughed when I referred to them as such. The big boys soar well above these, but they're also quite a distance from my friend's home. So I settle for the foothills when I visit my girlfriend in Colorado. 

I broke two pieces of my hard pastel as I began this painting. When I picked up one of the broken pieces, I squiggled its side, instead of the tip, on the board. It left a nifty mark. I did the entire painting with the sides of broken pieces.  It has an Impressionistic quality to it. And once again, the subtleties are not captured by the camera. It's pretty translucent and overlapped in reality.


Mostly Sky

"Mostly Sky"
8" x 10"
Oil on canvas panel
On a toenail of the foothills on the front range sit a few buildings; a couple each, for human and equine use. Nothing is nearby or convenient, according to my standards. To live so far-removed from humanity is beyond my comprehension.

The depiction of "mostly sky" is an accurate account of this desolate place without a sushi, martini or genius bar within a day's trot.

Thanks for looking today.
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