12" x 12"
Oil on wrapped canvas
I caught a whiff of her fragrance before I saw her beautiful petals that evening in my friend's garden. The air was still, and her heady scent wafted with nearly-visible wiggly lines toward me. 

It's been about seven weeks since I've painted a rose. Winter has stepped in between me and my passion for whorled petals. But I saw some in the store this morning and decided to venture into the land of fragrant pinkness, no matter what was falling from the sky.


Heaven Scent

"Heaven Scent"
18" x 24"
Oil on wrapped canvas
I plucked this bloom from a bouquet comprised of her siblings. I held her full-blown countenance sideways under a light in my studio, so her petals would cast striking shadows. While I twisted her stem, a heavenly fragrance spritzed the air like an old fashioned perfume atomizer had been squeezed.  

Not only did she smell good, she was also heaven sent. I was in want of new roses to paint and a simple bouquet from the grocery store afforded me subject matter for many new paintings. As you probably know, I love to paint white roses—the most colourful of all. 


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