Froot Baskit

"Froot Baskit"
11" x 14"
Alcohol Ink on Yupo 
I turned this piece every which way as I dropped ink and alcohol onto the Yupo. I also blew the ink around with a very large-bore straw. It moved the ink, but didn't send it splattering. Not until I photographed it and rotated it did I realize there was "subject matter" in the mass/mess of color. But it, like the spelling of the title, is a little awry.  

I have signed none of my ink paintings. Not until they are sold and the purchaser tells me where to sign it, will I commit to the permanence of... Keene.


First Fuji

"First Fuji"
5" x 5"
Oil on hardboard
This small and lackluster Fuji looked like it had just come of age.  It was, however, white on the inside and tasty. The intriguing parts were the blossom end with its tiny fresh leaves, and the beguiling stem that extended an inch and a half from a two-inch apple.  

I put the apple on this embroidered fabric for texture and line.  I also stippled the apple in its entirety—with a small, soft mop brush.  I use my tools with abandon.

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