Flower Fields

"Flower Fields"
12" x 16"
Acrylic on canvas panel
My heart is back at the flower fields again tonight. I didn't put away my acrylics, and I had a panel gessoed, ready to go, so here's a sunnier take on what I posted on Friday.  I think I'd like to visit a place where something other than soybeans and grain grow in the fields.  Care to join me?  Let's...  

Some friends have asked why I paint this style in acrylic. It's a knife painting, so I smear color pretty thick to begin with. Then when it's dry the next layer, usually a variation of the first layer, is applied over the texture, like buttering a toasted English muffin.  I like to paint the crusty ridges.  Oil paint takes too long to dry. I would end up blending the colors instead of applying them one on top of the other. I'm also still trying to use up my acrylic paints from when I was a mural painter. It may take a while.  A long while. I was well-stocked.