Kale Comes of Age

"Kale Comes of Age"
8" x 8"
Acrylic mixed media
She grew this way, purple and green, just as you see her.  The sheen on her background is merely her radiance searing the metallic around her.

In my neighborhood, there was one tree affected by a voracious insect.  It ate the leaf, left the veins.  From an art perspective, this was cool. But the tree lost a lot of leaves.  I collected many.  They paint-up nicely.

Thank you for taking the time to look today.

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Kale for the Soul

"Kale for the Soul"
16" x 16"
Acrylic mixed media
The kale was just so green, lovely but green, so I took her to my laboratory where I gave her a new outlook on her pedestrian life. Now she's a meditative kind of gal, surrounded by onlookers and worshipers of her spiraling self.  

I did Photoshop miss kale, here, to make her fit in with my plan.  I painted all the papers, tore the swirls from metallic painted waxed paper and stuck all the elements together like a grade school project.  Then I added shadows, and smiled at the result.

Thanks for stopping by to have fun with me today.

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Kale Bouquet

"Kale Bouquet"
12" x 12"
Oil on wrapped canvas 
I walked into an office where this bouquet was on the counter.  It had miniature heads of kale where one would expect to see roses. The light shone on this little beauty so I pulled my camera from my purse and documented her.  

The background supporting this little kale is stroked with all the colors I saw in the bouquet, from bright to subdued and back again.  It was a fun piece to paint.

Kale Bouquet can be seen on Dailypaintworks in the membership gallery under my name.  It is for sale there.  You may also email me with any inquiries.

Thank you.