Peel Me

"Peel Me"
8" x 8"
Oil on canvas panel
I saw the light and shadows on the loose outer peel of this Bermuda onion and decided if I could get her home without the cashier mishandling her, I'd paint her on one of the backgrounds I had prepared for exactly this purpose.  It worked.  

I could grow to like painting from life ... more regularly.  



  9" x 12"
Oil on canvas panel
I played the memory of my parents singing the song, "Lonely Little Petunia in the Onion Patch" as I painted this onion.  They sang in the car—nowhere else.  It was like a safe haven from the daily noise of a family, as we traveled from our home to our cousins' on Sundays.  

I painted the background without purple, but added it after the golden onion begged for the complement to make it pop.

This painting can be seen in my gallery on where it is also for purchase.

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