6" x 6"
Oil on hardboard
I thoroughly loved the process of making this painting. I knew the essence of how I wanted it to look, but I wasn't sure how I'd arrive at the finished piece.  I nearly wiped it off twice, then changed my tack. I stopped thinking about it, and allowed my hands and heart to make it. I love when I can let go and let my body do what it does best.  Mm-mm-mm. 


Duck, Feet

 "Duck, Feet"
20" x 14"
Watercolor on paper

It was the seventies, the wall was avocado, and so was the shower curtain. It was a rental unit, so I couldn't change it, except in my mind.  I never was much for subtleties or understatement.   

Here is another of the paintings I became reacquainted with over the weekend. I painted this one in 1978 when I was single and could loll in the tub.  It hangs in a prominent place in Wisconsin where it raises lots of questions.


Aqua Marble

"Aqua Marble"
6" x 6"
Oil on hardboard panel
More opaque, and traditional in design, this one reminds me of my mother. Aqua was her favorite color.  Anything and everything aqua was just dandy.  I miss aqua in the landscape of contemporary colors.  It'll recycle back to a popular color, but I doubt there will ever be aqua stovetops and ovens again.  

I am such an agent of change. Wouldn't you think I could do a three piece series with all the backgrounds the same?  Not hardly!

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My DPW Gallery

White Peony on Black #2

"White Peony on Black #2"
10" x 8"
Acrylic on canvas panel
Here is another in the series.  The patterns are arranged differently, yet the essence and elegance remain the same. 

This is another example of my faux finishing background.  I love pattern, texture and decorative art.  And it's a super way to feature a painterly, single bloom.

See it on DPW.  Buy it there, too.



White Peony on Red"

"White Peony on Red"
10" x  8"
Acrylic on canvas panel
Another peony and pattern adds to the texture this time. The addition of symbols and coins gives it an oriental flare.

I had made several in the black and tan combination when it felt right to add another color.  This brick red was a good choice. is the place to see this and my other pieces, and to purchase them. 

Thank you for taking the time to look.


White Peony on Black

"White Peony on Black"
8" x 8"
Acrylic on canvas panel
I combined a limited palette with texture, pattern, and a single bloom to make this whimsical, decorative piece.

This is the first in a series of similar paintings I'll be posting over the next few days.  It would make lovely table top art when framed. 

This and all my pieces funnel into where they can be viewed in my gallery or purchased at auction.

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6" x 6"
Oil on panel

Standing on stage alone in the spotlight with the audience below her in the dark, made Clementine self-conscious of her roundness.  She had put on a little weight since she blossomed a few months back. 

It seemed like a good idea to paint a single, simple shape on this slightly patterned background, so I did.  I am making more backgrounds of a similar design, and will post as I finish them.

This painting is listed with, and for purchase through a Auction.  See it in my gallery here.

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