6" x 8"
Watercolor and Ink on Yupo
The title "Trio" refers to three colors and three applications. My first application was to slather grayed blue over the Yupo and press a plastic lace into it.  I let it dry and then stenciled the acanthus swirls in analogous, yet the remaining complementary colors. After it was all dry, I used a waterproof pen to squiggle and dot in the shadows. 

I had so many ideas of what to paint on or around the blue pattern, but the swirling acanthus won… this time.


Rose Tile

"Rose Tile"
10" x 10"
Oil on hardboard
I discovered this rose tile embedded in a piece of furniture in the barn with oriental rugs on the first floor, furniture on the third, and an astounding array of unique decorator items on the main floor.  I wandered and photographed beautiful things for an hour after I finished my plein air landscape painting, while at Ginger Blossom's.  

It was difficult to get the softly glazed edges on the hard surface of the tile. I may put in more highlights, but they weren't really there. It was a satin glaze, but that could have been due to the lighting or its age. I'll let it grow on me then decide.

My Gallery

White Peony on Red"

"White Peony on Red"
10" x  8"
Acrylic on canvas panel
Another peony and pattern adds to the texture this time. The addition of symbols and coins gives it an oriental flare.

I had made several in the black and tan combination when it felt right to add another color.  This brick red was a good choice. is the place to see this and my other pieces, and to purchase them. 

Thank you for taking the time to look.


White Peony on Black

"White Peony on Black"
8" x 8"
Acrylic on canvas panel
I combined a limited palette with texture, pattern, and a single bloom to make this whimsical, decorative piece.

This is the first in a series of similar paintings I'll be posting over the next few days.  It would make lovely table top art when framed. 

This and all my pieces funnel into where they can be viewed in my gallery or purchased at auction.

Thank you for stopping by today.