Ten Shades of Grey

"Ten Shades of Grey"
6" x 6"
Pastel on sanded paper
I looked at my rose photos today without wearing my rose coloured glasses and chose this one to paint in every one of my ten shades of grey. Ten seemed enough, whatever would I do with, say… fifty?  

I'll be back to painting in oil in a day or so. I finally decided on the subject of a large canvas. It's unlike anything I've painted before, so I'm anticipating a few headaches, especially in the drawing.  Yikes. I must be anticipating time on my hands in the new year.



Adam's Grapes

"Adam's Grapes"
10" x 8"
Oil on canvas panel 
"I shot this with my phone," said my adult son. 
"Explain," I replied.  
"Shot a colored photo, then told the phone to make the background black and white." 
"On your phone?  Explain this to your mother."  
"Here's the original photo," he wrote as a caption under the full color photo in his next e-mail.

I liked the look of the ghostly grapes and leaves in the background, and the unaltered colors of the actual grapes.  So I used my son's image to see if I could attain the same feeling in paint as he did with a click of a button.  Let's see if he's reading Mama's blog. If he responds to this within a week, I'll give it to him.  Meanwhile, it's for sale on DPW.  Wanna place bets?

My DPW Gallery

Thank you for playing along with me today.

White Peony on Black

"White Peony on Black"
8" x 8"
Acrylic on canvas panel
I combined a limited palette with texture, pattern, and a single bloom to make this whimsical, decorative piece.

This is the first in a series of similar paintings I'll be posting over the next few days.  It would make lovely table top art when framed. 

This and all my pieces funnel into Dailypaintworks.com where they can be viewed in my gallery or purchased at auction.

Thank you for stopping by today.