Adam's Grapes

"Adam's Grapes"
10" x 8"
Oil on canvas panel 
"I shot this with my phone," said my adult son. 
"Explain," I replied.  
"Shot a colored photo, then told the phone to make the background black and white." 
"On your phone?  Explain this to your mother."  
"Here's the original photo," he wrote as a caption under the full color photo in his next e-mail.

I liked the look of the ghostly grapes and leaves in the background, and the unaltered colors of the actual grapes.  So I used my son's image to see if I could attain the same feeling in paint as he did with a click of a button.  Let's see if he's reading Mama's blog. If he responds to this within a week, I'll give it to him.  Meanwhile, it's for sale on DPW.  Wanna place bets?

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Thank you for playing along with me today.