8" x 8"
Oil on canvas panel
I eat a lot of grapes. They replaced mangoes, which replaced cherries waaaaay back in summer.  I don't think grapes go out of season, but they may not be as good as they are right now. I adore the globe table grapes I'm finding at Whole Foods. They are LOUD to eat, though. I'm always startled when the skin pops and the juice flows under my tongue, or down my chin if I'm laughing on account of my noisiness.

Another pre-painted panel. I made about ten of them one day.  I work like that, at times; do all one kind of thing, assembly-line style.

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Adam's Grapes

"Adam's Grapes"
10" x 8"
Oil on canvas panel 
"I shot this with my phone," said my adult son. 
"Explain," I replied.  
"Shot a colored photo, then told the phone to make the background black and white." 
"On your phone?  Explain this to your mother."  
"Here's the original photo," he wrote as a caption under the full color photo in his next e-mail.

I liked the look of the ghostly grapes and leaves in the background, and the unaltered colors of the actual grapes.  So I used my son's image to see if I could attain the same feeling in paint as he did with a click of a button.  Let's see if he's reading Mama's blog. If he responds to this within a week, I'll give it to him.  Meanwhile, it's for sale on DPW.  Wanna place bets?

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10" x 8"
Acrylic on canvas panel

The classical station here in the Chicago area has a morning host with the last name of Grapentine.  He's been a part of my morning routine since 1986 when he joined WFMT.  As I conjured the title to this piece I giggled at the opportunity to honor him.  Carl Grapentine, this one's for you.  

In my many years as a mural painter I never had the chance to paint grapes that weren't stenciled.  I painted every other kind of fruit and vegetable, but not grapes.  I challenged myself to do it today, and it was a blast!  Expect to see more.

This painting can be seen on  in my gallery.  It is also for purchase through this web site.

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