Stacked, Stem to Stern

"Stacked, Stem to Stern"
6" x 6"
Pastel on hardboard
I was given a pear ... a beautiful one whose blush originated at her stem and traveled across her plump belly, but dissipated by the time it got to her … stern. She was lovely, but not unique, so I sliced her into thirds, on the diagonal and stacked her in a way that she would be. 

It's pear season where I live — at least that's what Harry and David would have us believe.


Pear and a Pair

"Pear and a Pair"
12" x 12"
Oil on wrapped canvas 
Tell me a story, my darling love bird.  Your funny stories make my wings spread and my feathers flutter. Pretty please, my love, it's been so very long...  

Here's another practice piece in the style of the woman who will be teaching the workshop next month. Well, not quite, but I'll be going to learn her techniques when I'm there, won't I?  



6" x 6"
Oil on canvas panel
Third in the pear series is this strange-stemmed critter.  It came out of the side of his top, like a beak.  I opted not to change his unusual feature, but to document it.  

Carlise, here, hailed from the Wisconsin contingent.  He arrived on the same day as two other gifts of pears. When it rains, it PEARS.  Pine boards seemed like an appropriate base for this entry. 


6" x 6"
Oil on canvas panel
"Tis the season, and especially for pears.  This beauty, we'll call "Harry" and a slew of his friends, who shall remain nameless, at least until tomorrow, arrived on my doorstep in time for Christmas.  

The Domestic Goddess in my kitchen made Pear Tarts and Vanilla Roasted Pears, and a concoction to add to my morning oatmeal. Thank you, one and all for the pears! 

And I still have pears to paint, too—I hope.  

Thank you for visiting.  I appreciate your comments and your ongoing support of my little effort, here.

Posies, Pear and Plate

"Posies, Pear and Plate"
8" x 8"
Oil on canvas panel
I was handed a fist full of ranunculi as a gift.  I had seen photos of them before, but never touched them.  They were tiny, tightly whorled and the stems were curly!  I stuffed them into a vase next to a pear, a sushi plate and wasabi bowl and called it a day.

I love small things! When I can, I try to use my trinkets to compose still life compositions. Lord knows, they're easier to store after the painting is finished!

This piece can be seen in my Dailypaintworks gallery if you click here.

Thanks a bunch (of ranunculi) for stopping by.

Miss Bartlett

"Miss Bartlett"
10" x 8"
Oil on canvas panel
"You young gals can wear anything with shapes like that," said Granny Smith to Miss Bartlett.  "I'd look positively round," she sighed as she buffed a new highlight onto her cheek with a dishcloth.  "And to be able to stand there next to that shade of violet... well, I do declare, it complements your skin tones perfectly."

Here's another in my series of single items against a decorative background.  Being a dyed-in-the-wool faux finisher and muralist, I know a lot about visual texture and the techniques used to create it—leaving the surface smooth to the touch.  I'm enjoying making this series.  I hope you are, too. 

This pear painting can be seen and purchased through  I have a gallery of paintings there that can be accessed by clicking the link in this paragraph.  

Thank you for checking in to see my work today.