In My Heart of Hearts

"In My Heart of Hearts"
6" x 6"
Graphite on paper

I had time to draw — Zentangle— today and this is what poured forth.  A heart. Imagine that.  The shape fit in a square of paper with interesting negative space, and I opted to fill that space with organic shapes. Shapes like fingers reaching for the heart. 

If you haven't tried it, or know nothing about it, check Zentangle or Google it and search the images to see some pretty amazing stuff.  With a pen, or pencil in this case, and a piece of paper, one can channel anxious moments into productive positive energy.



12" x 9"
Pencil on paper

It was the sixties — now I'm IN my sixties!  I wanted a bentwood rocker and the only way to get the money for it was to join a band and dance ...  at the Playmore Ballroom in Fort Dodge, Iowa. One night of dancing paid for the chair.  I was a go-go girl and loved every minute of it. 

This is a piece to satisfy the Dailypaintworks "Paint Yourself Young" Challenge.  Fortunately, I have photos of me at this age that were taken by a photographer in the art department at the TV station where I worked.