Eriksen's Farm, Bull Valley

"Eriksen's Farm, Bull Valley"
8" x 10"
Oil on canvas panel
I painted en plein air in Bull Valley this morning on a farm that is close to the barn where my 8'x8' barn quilt hangs. I painted this family's flowers along the picket fence that shone in the morning sun.  I sold the painting on the spot. 

My barn quilt is included in a slideshow of the McHenry County Barn Quilt Project.  Mine is around the 29th quilt featured.  It's a rainbow colored star quilt with an eight-point star in the center.  It appears to be polka dotted, but each "dot" is a rubber stamped image of a sun, leaf, heart, spiral, rose, etc., twenty four different ones in all.  The white background does have a medium blue polka dot on it — thousands of them.


Picket Fence Rose

"Picket Fence Rose"
24" x 24"
Oil on wrapped canvas
Close to the road on my way to somewhere is a home with a picket fence.  The straight white boards shoulder a tangle of greenery, dotted with oodles of fat, white roses. 

I layered cool blue shadows on the outer rim of this rose.  Then rubbed in a cool pink,  knowing that I'd glaze the furnace inside her belly with several yellows.  I kept the innermost petals pure permanent rose, like lipstick on her pouty lips.

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