Other Worlds

"Other Worlds"
15" x 9"
Watercolor on paper
There are worlds where the lowly feather is looked upon with wonder and awe. 

I cut out waxed paper shapes: feathers, circles, crescents, leaves, and arranged them on the saturated watercolor paper, then brushed on deep values of paint.  It didn't go under the waxed paper, which had become saturated and flimpy.  

I immediately covered the whole thing with plastic wrap and squooshed it where I wanted wrinkles.  I put a magazine on top of the plastic wrap to weight it slightly. Don't use anything of value, it could absorb paint. Then put the whole thing on a level shelf in the deep freeze. (remember it's on a cookie sheet) Or outside if you have below zero, not just below freezing, temperatures.

Now go away.  Forget about it for a day or so.  You won't see my next installment until the day after Christmas.  So go eat some fruitcake, drink some egg nog,  or staple mistletoe wherever you plan to spend the next couple of days.

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I mean it, don't peek or peel up that plastic wrap.  Santa's watching.