Rose Bud

"Rose Bud"
12" x 12"
Oil on wrapped canvas
She's a nice enough rose bud, but not my favourite colour. I wasn't even going to post her, but it wasn't her fault.  I tried out new paint colours, on the advice of a friend.  Despite Terra Rosa's name, she is not a good flower colour. I'll go back to my normal palette of lively colours and leave Raw Umber and Terra Rosa to painting brick walls, basketballs and rusted out pickup trucks.  

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Morning D'Light

"Morning D'Light"
12" x 12"
Oil on wrapped canvas
In the brightness of morning, I squinted as I photographed this luscious beauty. The intense light cast hard, colourful shadows on the nodding bloom, just opening her pouty mouth to the new day. Not until I imported my photos did I notice the morning dew on her lip and chin... er, petals.   

Morning light can suck the colour out of a white rose, but I was able to capture it effectively on this delightful bloom.  It was indeed a morning of delight.  

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Nipped in the Bud

"Nipped in the Bud"
6" x 6"
Oil on canvas panel
She was one of the last ones standing when I happened by.  Not particularly attractive, but a rose, nonetheless.  I hoped she'd survive the frost, but knew her sister probably would not.  I didn't go back to check. 

This format is just too small for the large, swirling motions I enjoy when I paint with my sponges.  It must be the mural painter in me.

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