6" x 8"
Pastel on canvas panel
A friend sent me a photo of this shell tonight. I had just finished a piece to post for January first, and felt pretty good about it, so before putting away my "toys," I pulled the colours in the shell and painted it.  

I have a nautilus shell similar to this one on a shelf in another room, but mine lacks this much colour. It's more like a standard opal than this "fire opal" kind of presentation.  It was fun to try to capture the essence of the shell.


Egg Shell

"Egg Shell"
8" x 8"
Oil on canvas panel
The egg purveyor at the farmer's market this morning went through about three dozen eggs to find a dozen different colored eggs for me.  This one is similar in color to the ones from the past couple days, but it is adorned—with speckles!  

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