Split Synapses

"Split Synapses"
12" x 12"
Oil on wrapped canvas 
I revisited the synapse theme today, but in a different palette of colors. I'm using a split complement of blue violet, yellow green and yellow orange. The mixing of the colors as my brush flowed from one place to another gave me what appears to be a russet.  

It's not my favorite palette, but I tried working outside my comfort zone. I would have preferred reds and oranges with my violet, but as I said, it was a challenge.  I limited my palette for tomorrow's post. Very limited!



Split Complement

"Split Complement"
6" x 14"
Oil on Hardboard
A box of pears arrived at my door this week.  Not only was I excited to eat them, my friend sent me models!  I painted a lot of them last December when friends blessed me with the season's finest.  'Tis the season!  

What goes with yellow green?  I consulted my colour wheel and found the split complement to be red and violet.  Yum. Two of my favorite colours.  I even made the board a combination of the two.