4" x 7"
Alcohol Ink on Yupo 
Royal blue has fallen from favor in  fashion, home dec and the auto industry, but I found it fun to work with as I painted.

Stamp, spray, watch and wait. That's how this one went. I dropped ink into the areas where there are hard edges and wiped away some of the lighter edges with an alcohol-dampened Q-Tip.
I had fun the entire three days.


You're So Vein

"You're So Vein"
11" x 14"
Alcohol Ink on Yupo
This painting turned out to look like a cross section of some fantasy place. It just happened as I played at the workshop a week ago. 

I had spritzed, which made tiny dots, then I pressed the crumpled clear wrap in which my pad of Yupo had been sealed, and stopped  messing with it as the ink dried (really fast). The pathway to draw veining with a fine-point Sharpie presented itself. So I drew little coils along the trail and knew a little of that would go a long way.