12" x 12"
Oil on wrapped canvas
I hobbled barefooted across the smooth limestone rocks on the Lake Michigan beach, up on the northern shore of Door County, Wisconsin. For the most part, the rounded stones washed ashore and scattered randomly along a specific stretch of beach. But I found a cluster of them that had been stacked — by hands. Chubby, cherubic hands.  

The stones are so sensual. You can hear them before you see them as they rattle up to and away from the shore. They are a pale dove gray and feel like something you'd purchase in a spa shoppe to fondle away your woes.  They're so unique that they'r protected by law. You can't remove them from the beaches. None.  Just photos…


Rock Me

"Rock Me"
9" x 6"
Pastel on sanded paper

Rocks intrigue me — especially rounded ones. I love the way they look, sound and feel. I found these river rocks and photographed them, then immediately began humming the old Sesame Street jingle, "One of these things is not like the others…"  

It's my first attempt at painting rocks with pastels. I'll be doing THIS again. I enjoyed it thoroughly.