4" x 4"
Oil on hardboard
There were late summer colors and aromas already titillating my senses when I heard the sound of water splashing against rocks.  I rounded the bend on a walk through my friend's property and saw this sight.  I'd love to be invited back.  

Most of this was painted with a fan brush.  I'd love to find one with the fan size about the size of a dime. Anyone know of such a brush?


Beck's Other Field

"Beck's Other Field"
9" x 12"
Acrylic on canvas panel
The thing I face when I paint summer in the Midwest is handling all the green and blue.  There are lots of shades and values of each in this painting, but it still reads as a green and blue painting.  

Fall is around the corner!  In fact, the large painting I'm working on today is autumn in Colorado.  I hope to finish it this afternoon so I can post it on Friday.

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Plein Air Wisconsin

"Plein Air Wisconsin"
16" x 20"
Oil on canvas panel
It was earlier than I'm accustomed to being awake, as we drove north out of Illinois. The light was warm and the sky was hazy on the horizon. Clouds hadn't even decided what shapes they'd be for the day, at that hour.

Painting outdoors is a passion that reveals itself only when I'm doing it. The thought of dew, bugs, heat, humidity and sunburn line up in a pretty impressive list before each outing. I love it once I'm in it, but man, oh, man, I don't delight in adversity of outdoors versus my lovely studio.

Thank you for reading my rant.

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