Another Trout Stream

"Another Trout Stream"
11" x 14"
Oil on Canvas
The sky was the color of salmon flesh, yet I was thinking "trout" as the day came to a close.   

I've combined some of my technique from pastels with my oils. I used a rubber-tipped device to "squiggle" into the trees and foreground plants to make them look like what I saw in my mind's eye.  I'll do a few more to see if this is something I want to continue.


Trout Stream

"Trout Stream"
8" x 8"
Pastel on canvas panel
I watched a movie last night after I finished painting and posting my missive for the night.  It had some beautiful scenery in it, so I pointed my camera at the TV screen and captured half a dozen images of things I want to paint. This is one of them. 

I've seen trout streams like this in Colorado, but this one happens to have been in Oregon.  I'd love to go to Oregon some day, even if it's just to drive through and take photos. Anyone want to take me on a subject matter trip?


Trout Stream and Spotted Gum

"Trout Stream and Spotted Gum"
6" x 6"
Graphite on paper
I have it on good authority that this is a trout stream and by the shape of the cluster of trees to the right they are Spotted Gum Trees — Eucalyptus Maculata. This eucalyptus is native to the eastern side of its country and is densely crowned, fast growing and has smooth bark. 

I didn't feel like executing a Zentangle heart today, so this little landscape is my weekend offering.